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Welcome to Our Whistleblower Channel

We provide a safe and trusted channel for individuals with critical information regarding illegal activities, ethical violations, or non-compliance within our organization. We believe that transparency and accountability are the keys to the success of a healthy organization, and through your participation, we can build a better environment.

Why Report?

Your report has the potential to help us prevent violations, protect our collective interests, and ensure that our values ​​of integrity are maintained. We appreciate your courage to speak out and commit to protecting the whistleblower's identity. Legitimate and relevant reports can help us take appropriate action to address the concerns you raise.

How to Report?

The reporting process is very easy and done confidentially. Please fill in the form provided then submit. The information you submit will be handled with complete confidentiality, and will only be accessed by parties who are competent to handle the matter.

Whistleblower Protection

We appreciate your courage in reporting, and as a sign of our appreciation, we are committed to protecting you from repressive or retaliatory actions. The identity of the whistleblower will be kept strictly confidential, and precautions will be taken to ensure your safety.

Thank you for your contribution to creating a more ethical and trustworthy environment. Together, we can build a strong and responsible organization. Please use this whistleblower channel as a means to speak the truth and ensure collective integrity.

Whistleblower Reporting Form

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Phone Number:
Reported Violation:
Reported parties name(s):
Position of reported parties name(s):
Period/Time of violation:
Location of violation:
Nominal amount:(if any/known)
Chronology Details:

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